Monday, October 4, 2010

Ah, Autumn Approaches...

and I've cleaned out the roaches, so to speak. My blog has some groovy new tabs and I have updated my performances list, and videos. I will soon be posting most of the stories that have developed from storytelling, live. Thanks to my friends and family who egg me on to recite my stories of my drug laden days, and alcohol induced high jinks, my horrendous first dates, and first loves, breakups, and break downs. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned. I will regularly post events to the events page as well, so our storytelling social circuit can see all events and happenings. At this point, there are so many wonderful events that they are doubling up nightly. Oh my. Here is a list to begin and to give a great big shout to my colleges that host these wonderful events, and I can vouch for the storytellers; all great, all unique and no two people are alike, yes like snowflakes. There are no scripts, just a bunch of folks who find it exhilarating to stand naked among you and shed their true colors weather you like them or not.
This week I want to highlight:

Wednesday 10/6/10

Union Hall in Brooklyn
hosts: Ophira Eisenberg and Adam Magazine

Thursday 10/7/10

at Belleville Lounge in Brooklyn (I will be performing)
hosts:adorable Jenna Brista and sexy Ashley Harrell
UCB, Manhattan
hosts: Margot Leitman and Giulia Rozzi (Giula's excellent piece on catcalling for Huff Po is here, and ladies this is good.)

The best way to get more info on these shows and get invites is to FACEBOOK their asses.