Monday, September 23, 2013


A couple of oddities that took place this weekend in New York. Walking down 54th street after dinning with 2 girlfriends, a man walking behind me bumps into me as I stopped in the middle of walking, some that frustrates me immensely. Immediately without a second after almost knocking me says, “Hey Get over it It’s a street! It happens!” Um, mind you I have not even said anything to this man, when he fell into me and then yells at me? And if that isn’t bad enough my control button is turned off and I yell, “I didn’t even say anything ‘a-hole’”. Yes, I even censored my self to “a” -hole; he turns full circle back around and walks right up to me. Alarmed, I stand there but instead of hitting me, yells, “yo, check out the mouth on this broad!” Clearly not addressing anyone in particular. My friends and I just burst out laughing. One whom is originally from California, the other one, a gorgeous little southern bell from North Carolina giggles at the term ‘broad’ I on the other hand a transplant from Philadelphia isn’t as entertained and amused by such archaic eastern terminology, I still think it’s funny.

whilst in my laziness and my heading out the door to another state, the Upper West side, I leave you with this until I resume.

On Obama's Health Care Resolve

We must do our part in order for Obama's health care action to work for each one of us! If he is willing to create a system in which ALL Americans can benefit from, I will do my part in any way I can. The greed of insurance companies MUST come to an end, and the Dr's who abide by these insurance monsters' tactics. We need resolve ASAP! Insurance companies should be held accountable for death when they are indeed, responsible. Where are their morals?!

A physician called after the debate on C-Span and said a good way to help incentive is to have insurance companies lower their rates in order to compete for those headed to government-supplied insurance. I think that is a good initiative. They still get to be greedy and chase after money and Americans can receive health insurance that they can afford. So it is a win/win for all.


My brother and I have been scanning tons of images from our 70's childhood as we are creating a video for our parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary. This is my and my brother's favorite photo.

Imagine That: Imagine That: Bridget O'Neill The Moth Slam Winner "Dues"

Imagine That: Imagine That: Bridget O'Neill The Moth Slam Winner "Dues"