Monday, October 24, 2011

PURGE! Monday, October 24th @ 8:00


Webster Dictionary defines "Purge" as, to remove (impurities and other elements) by or as if by cleansing and isn’t that what storytelling really is? By storytelling we relinquish our inhibitions, we throw-up our past. Storytelling is a confessional booth with an audience in my catholic association.

Perch Café, a small, intimate, quaint café with a designated area for live shows nestled in the heart of Park Slope. Home to many storytelling venues such as: The Story Collider, Mimsy, The Standard Issues, My Bad, and others. Drink specials, and food is available. Bring your video cam, or recorder.

SHARON M SPELL - Although her training and background geared her for a life of sitting alone in a studio inhaling paint fumes, southern-born fashion plate Sharon Spell longed for a life before an audience. She moved to New York City from Hattiesburg, Mississippi (via Pittsburgh, PA) after earning a BFA in Painting and Drawing. It wasn't long after that she dove headfirst into comedy performances, spouting abstract expressionist humor that everyone can relate to. She's recently merged her two passions by drawing portraits of her fellow performers while they're on stage. She also produces and hosts Shrink, a weekly comedy variety show at Luca Lounge (LES), and Queereoke at Metropolitan Bar (Williamsburg).

MICHELLE CARLO is a writer/performer who has lived in four of the five boroughs of NYC and remembers when a slice of pizza cost fifty cents. She has been published in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood’s Lost & Found: Stories From New York, Chicken Soup For The Latino Soul and SMITH magazine, and told her stories everywhere a person can tell stories in NYC—including the MOTH’s GrandSlams and Mainstage. Her memoir Fish Out Of Agua: My life on neither side of the (subway) tracks was published by Citadel Press in August 2010.

NISSE GREENBERG is the host and co-producer of Drawn Out Storytelling and one half of the comedy duo Rachel and the Elf. Check out - he's mildly attractive.

AMY KLEIN - Writer, Storyteller, warrior, and new bride

JEFFERSON - parent and pervert and storyteller.

Your host, BRIDGET O'NEILL hails from Cheesesteak County, otherwise known as Philadelphia, or Scrapple, PA. A Mothslam winner, she performs regularly at The Moth, and other storytelling venues throughout NY. She studied at the UCB Theater. Her work has been published in publications and blogs. Her book of documenting her substance-laden days is forthcoming. Performances include: Fireside Stories, Storytelling at Perch, First Person Arts, AmeriCorps' Outreach Program, Mimsy, The Bodega, Do What's in Your Heart, The Soundtrack series and The Next Chapter.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

People on Ludes Should not Drive!

Me, goth on qualudes at a Ministry concert circa 1990 on THE SOUNDTRACK SERIES PODCAST right now!!!!LISTEN!!!!:)

I had the pure pleasure of telling my Soundtrack Series story that Dana Rossi hosts each moth at Le Poisson Rogue in NYC

In case you forgot the lyrics-

Just like a car crash, just like a knife
My favorite weapon is the look in your eyes
You ran out of lies!

You ran out of life!
You ran out of lies!
Get out of my life!

And I'm chewing on glass and tasting my fingers
I'm not the one who's run out of lies, lies!
You ran out of life!
You ran out of time!