Monday, January 19, 2009

I AM FROM...........

I am from

I am from red candy apples, chalk on pavement, and hopscotch
I am from plastic covers that protect living room furniture
From the game ’Twister’ and Shoots and Ladders
I am from ‘Threes Company’ and ‘Little House on the Prairie
I am from tiny individual cereal boxes that come in a “variety pack”.
I’m from vacations that include motels with a kichenette, a hallway that leads to an ice vending machine, shuffleboard and fake palm trees
I’m from frozen dinners and take out pizza, with the thin crisp crust and the gooey cheese
I’m from the city of cheese steaks and soft pretzels, mummers parade, disgruntled fans
I am from Atari, Simon, Parcheesi and tag
Tag at night, in the summer, after catching lighting bugs and mosquito bites
I’m from the twilight of the tv screen in a darkened room
And an imagination all my own

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