Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PURGE! Monday September 19th 8:00 @ Perch cafe/bar in Brooklyn

Cammi Climaco is a visual artist, storyteller and performance artist. Her work has been exhibited internationally. She has performed in art galleries, storytelling and stand up shows. She has been on Told!, Story Collider, and Risk!. Cammi teaches at Pratt Institute of Art.

Steven Berkowitz is a writer, storyteller and propagandist. A MothSLAM winner. The Liar Show, Told and The Story Collider. He produces and hosts Stories at the Shore in Belmar, N.J. Steven is also a storycoach with the MothSHOP community outreach program.

Ryan Paulson has performed his solo shows "Pentecostal Wisconsin" and "I'm Uncomfortable" across the US, Canada, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. You can follow him on Twitter, where he goes by @HuskyBoyRyan.

Dave Ritz is an actor, performer and storyteller.He recently starred in the independent feature film "86Fatboy" and many local storytelling shows including The Moth StorySLAM. He also is a food enthusiast and an unemployed waiter. Dave can tell you where to find the hottest new dining establishments in NYC because he is a licensed NYC Sightseeing Guide. He can also tell you where to find salmonella and mouse droppings because he holds a NYC Food Protection Certificate. SeeDave in the film "86Fatboy"

Johanna Clearfield is a blogger for the Park Slope Patch (, Moth storyteller and DEC-licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She posts political blather on and is organizing an all-species revolt on Her non-fiction novel, I FOUND OUT, A memoir of Sex Cults & the 70s – is soon to be released.
Bridget O’Neill host of Purge performs regularly at The Moth, and other storytelling venues throughout NY. She studied at the UCB Theater. Her work has been published in publications and blogs. She is currently writing her memoir highlighting her self- inflicted shenanigans from her early years. The Moth, StorySlam winner, Fireside Stories, Storytelling at Perch, First Person Arts, AmeriCorps' Outreach Program, Mimsy, The Bodega, Do What's in Your Heart, UCB Theater. Come see me perform at The Soundtrack series and The Next Chapter next week!

Plus* Special musical act

Webster Dictionary defines "Purge" as, to remove (impurities and other elements) by or as if by cleansing and isn’t that what storytelling really is? By storytelling we relinquish our inhibitions, we throw-up our past. Storytelling is a confessional booth with an audience in my catholic association.

Perch Café, a small, intimate, quaint café with a designated area for live shows nestled in the heart of Park Slope. Home to many storytelling venues such as: The Story Collider, Mimsy, The Standard Issues, My Bad, and others. Drink specials, and food is available. Bring your video cam, or recorder.

See you there, beer in hand!

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