Monday, June 22, 2009

Deerfield North

I spent the weekend In Bucks County, Pennsylvania for Father’s Day. Bucks County is a place in which I can count on most things and people to be in place as they were since I was a kid there and its landmarks can sometimes depict that stagnancy. And this sign is a prime example of that. I can still always be a kid, or a teenager when I go ‘home’

A few months back, in order to break in a new camera, I decided to document the Deerfield North sign. I have always loved its aesthetic charm, and the fact that it has been there since 1976. To me, the sign is representative of how time stands still there in more ways than one.

Deerfield North, a typical suburban division of Richboro and its welcome is this blocky, stone wall with a wooden sign with the title of our development etched into it, and unbelievably held up pretty well considering the weather in Pa. It has never been updated or replaced in all these years, and just a few months I finally decided to document this sign before the township awoke up one day to say, Wow, that sign is going into another decade and it wrecks of 1970.

Well, as time has it, two weeks ago the sign was uprooted by a drunk driver and has since been replaced with a modern sign. I didn’t notice this until I passed it this weekend with my Mother and was horrified to see in it’s place a ‘modern’ at least by Richboro standards, a brand new thin metal frame with the words Deerfield North in cursive on frail base, and so unappealing. It made me so sad to see, but so relieved that I took a piece of that memory with me before its fall to modernity.

images on the inside

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