Thursday, December 22, 2011

“Off the Record” Interviews Producer, The Soundtrack Series

"Off the record"
I'm proud to mention that I am one of the co-Producers(“Off the Record” Interviews Producer)of the amazing, titillating, moving and grooving storytelling venues: The Soundtrack Series. Noted as by CBSNew York’s The 5 Best Things To Do In NYC (Tonight, Dec. 22) and a Time Out New York’s Critic Pick! Creator and Host: Dana Rossi, Producer: Lauren O’Connor, Sound Recording: Douglas MacKrell, Sound Design: Stephanie Cox-Williams, Sound Design: Jeanne Travis. See more About Us!

The Soundtrack Series is held at Gallery at LPR (le Poisson Rouge), the last Thursday of each month at 8pm. For tonight's show, and the last show of 2011 we have stories from Franz Nicolay, Cammi Climaco, Elna Baker, Matthew Callan and Jessica Halem based on songs from their pasts.

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