Sunday, December 18, 2011

PURGE! Monday December 19th @ 8:00pm

at Perch Cafe & Bar 365 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Steve Zimmer is an enthusiastic member of the story community. He is beloved for his willingness to help other storytellers with frank evaluations of their work, which he provides before, after and sometimes even during their performances. Yea, he’s pretty much the bomb! And never bombs;)

Katherine Wessling
’s stories have been heard at Moth Slams, the Next Chapter, You Went to College for That, WNYC, and published in the anthology ‘Have I Got a Guy for You,’ the magazines ‘Speak’ and ‘Swing’ and online at She’s also written for Marie Claire, Elle, CosmoGirl!, etc. Her book for young readers, ‘Backstage at a Movie Set,’ is kind of boring, but the historical section of the tome ‘Women’s Wear Daily: 100 Years, 100 Designers’ is surprisingly not. Katherine’s also an actor who appears in what the kids call ‘downtown theater pieces.’ This month, you can also see her as an abused wife on the just-released DVD, ‘Game Time,’ or as an uptight corporate executive in the corporate comedy series, ‘Cutting Edge.

Erin Barker is a writer and a copy editor who has worked with more than a hundred novels. (If you catch her after the show, she will gladly explain to you the difference between who and whom.) She is a producer/host of science storytelling show The Story Collider, as well as editor of its upcoming online magazine, and can be seen every first Tuesday of the month performing with her storytelling team, Mimsy, at the Pacific Standard. She is a recent Moth GrandSLAM champion.

Miguel De Leon
is a twentysomething who owns a dog and lives in Park Slope. He likes crosswords, Italian wine, and Legos. He tells stories. He is also a large part of the MIMSY team! Which is an improv based Storytelling Mimsy is a storytelling show in Brooklyn. One of it’s kind! He was also manager at Momofuku!

Caitlin Brodnick
is also a part of the MIMSY team, and wonderful, delightful storyteller and person.

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